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Welcome to the High Altitude Pathology Institute, Clinica IPPA. Since our creation in 1970, we have evolved to become the most experienced and prestigious medical center dealing with high altitude medical care. Our leading edge technology, our kind physicians, our extensive knowledge and our efficient support team, will make your visit to La Paz, a pleasant and memorable experience.

Av. Saavedra 2302
La Paz, Bolivia
Altitude 3510 m

Tel: (591-2) 224 5394


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Travel tips
What to do in order to travel to the city of La Paz in order to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness
Medical facilities
The physicial installations for medical check-ups, diagnosis and treatment.
Patient comments
Some remarks made by some of our distinguished patients and visitors
A new and interesting attraction opening on October 20, 2010 !!
Medical doctors, students, nurses, mountain climbers and others can get training in research at high altitude.
Altitude course
We give yearly courses on high altitude medicine. It now includes travelling within Bolivia.

The 1st World Congress on High Altitude Medicine and Physiology was co-organized by us. It was so succesful that the 2nd was in Cusco, Peru, the third in Matsumoto, Japan, the fourth in Arica, Chile, the fifth in Barcelona, Spain, the sixth in Xining, China and Lhasa, Tibet.

II Chronic Hypoxia Symposium

and now

V Chronic Hypoxia Symposium

Oct 6-11, 2014


Soccer game at 6542m
Some photos from our old website.
Slideshow Flash
Some not so recent photos
The awards
Want to know how it all started back in 1970 ?
Research publications
Our scientific work, where you will find our publications with full text.
Zubieta University
After 44 years of experience we now move on to create the Zubieta University with a Medical School..
How to reach us
Av. Saavedra 2302
Tel. +(591-2) 224 5394
La Paz, Bolivia
This website is being rebuilt with suggestions by Peter Stig Andersen

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